まゆみMayumi (Japanese) 【Fri 10am to 10pm】- Highly recommended





Bust Size:


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まゆみMayumi (Japanese) 【Fri 10am to 10pm】- Highly recommended


Age: 25yo
Height: 163cm
Weight: 50kg
Waist Size: 7
Bust Size: DD Cup
Nationality: Japanese
Services: GFE,DFK, DT, BBBJ,CIM.COB, DATY, 69, Ball Sucking,*Rimming, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl*& Doggy
Comments: She can provide you with the best service ever, never rush any jobs and serve you like a king!! luxurious long black hair down to her waist, her skin is supple, and soft and she makes the perfect companion.


Mayumi reviews
Mayumi Reviews
Mayumi Reviews
Mayumi Reviews
Mayumi Reviews

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  1. Joinlydeepfc
    Joinlydeepfc says:

    Mayumi まゆみ @ 7 Cowper
    Date of visit: 28 Jan 2023
    Age: mid to late 20+
    Nationality: Japanese
    Services: Kissing, Cat bath, BBBJ, DATY, FS

    A fresh sweet looking girl with dark long hair. She was wearing 2 piece black swim suit showing off her busty boobs with zero fat size 6 slender body. D cup size and they are the improved version But boy, big nipple ring and the soft boob in shape looks very beautiful on her body. I love it.

    A japanese girl that treat you well and willing to please. She really turn me on when ask okay before doing the moves … cat bath, licking little me, etc. The type of girl that also enjoying herself and top it up with her moaning sound in some Japanese words… that’s gold.

    My usual very late visit to 7 on Sat night and the manager said that they have a new Japanese girl that I should try. I was a little shocked …seriously not expect to be at 7 and also thinking may be that’s not a real deal…BUT I was wrong. We need to use the phone helping the translation. sure her English is very VERY limited. A big plus for the manager to get her here to spice things up.

    Anyway, shower alone as she forgot and so she went out to get a towel but back quickly standing next to the shower waiting for me to finish. We did a little chat/Google translate before we jump into bed. I asked her to lay on the bed and start kissing her, slowly move down to her neck then to her beautiful breast, soft tasty nipples quickly erect with excitement. Her down below is well trimmed and soon I moved to DATY her.

    A lovely sweet hole for a closer look and working on it and soon heard her moaning. She then returned my favour to start bbbj me.. but before that she asked me first. Lol Who would say no but I like it. Similar to those jap av scene moment that I saw …. sure i am dreaming. On 69, no teeth and tongue work was sensational. She is fun to play with and an extra point for sure for allowing me to finger her a little while. The sweet hole was wet and tight.

    It’s time for the main, dom-up on missionary. While continue kissing each others, I was slowly pounding her from the top and yes it was juicy tight…she was also circling her hips at the same time which really gave my little me extra pleasure. We also changed a few positions and man she was good on moving her hips and I really got exhausted at the end.

    So i just lay on the bed and letting her riding me from slow to crazy on CG until I fully unload. Good effort in deed. I will have to say we both were satisfied. She then carefully remove the dom and clean me up. Shower then off I go.

    -Return factors-
    No brainer for this one, return factor for me is a must! From past experience this type of girl won’t stay long for sure in the same place and so I believe she will be gone in a blink of an eye.

    Looks 7/10
    Services 9/10

  2. 17012430
    17012430 says:

    After seeing an AR here about there being a Japanese girl at Cowper street I had to go and see for myself.

    I sat down and was treated to Linda’s great customer service once again. I’m not sure if she actually remembers me from covid times but if she didn’t, she put up a good act. I’m guessing this shop is having a slow period so I’m happy to write a review to help them out.

    After five minutes of chit chat she took me to the first room on the right and I waited all of thirty seconds before Mayumi came in. She’s definitely very good looking for her age (I’m going to guess around 40) and very fit. Nice round fake tits and a tight booty to go with it.

    Had a shower alone and came out to her with a towel ready to dry me off.

    On to the bed and she started a wet and slobbery cat bath, she asked a few times if it was ok and I said yes. She genuinely looked pleased that I was happy.

    BBBJ was excellent. Very wet and slobbery and she used her tongue like a JAV girl. This was actually my first time with a Japanese girl so I’m really glad my fantasy was finally coming to fruition. Loved seeing her saliva dripping everywhere.

    She asked if I wanted sex or to continue the blowjob, and I said let’s do it since I’ve never fucked a Japanese girl before. On with the dom and I got her to lie down. She wanted to ride me but for some reason I feel bad if the girls work too hard at this shop. At these prices it’s almost robbery.

    She is VERY tight. I could feel every inch through the condom. I think she might have had her pussy worked on, either way I’m not complaining. Very narrow fit. Standard positions mish and doggy then took the dom off and said “I can’t feel anything with condoms” lol. She took the hint, wiped it off and went back to slobbering all over it again. When I got closed I told her to let me take over and jerked off with her tongue rolling the head. Very strong finish in the end.

    Had another shower to wash off all the saliva and came out to her standing there with a towel again. We had a nice chat about where she’s from and where I’m from. She’s genuinely very nice and puts the customer first. I’d definitely recommend this one as being up there with Lucy.

    After finishing I came back out and finished my coke with Linda and she said she’ll bring Lucy out to say hello. A moment later that busty beauty came bouncing and jiggling in to the foyer and gave me a big hug.

    Good session. $140 and lot of millilitres lighter.

  3. 69lover
    69lover says:

    Linda sent me message last Friday to inform me a new Japanese girl arrived, I was shocked as there was never Japanese girl in this shop, but Linda never lie to me.
    Went to shop paid money and the girl came in, her name is Mayumi, definitely Japanese, very limited English nearly none, but very smart, from beginning you can tell she is Japanese, waiting outside of shower and holding towel, dry for me and clean up.
    Went to side of bed and started with cuddling and DFK, she will ask if she can kiss you and touch you in Japanese, I can understand what she means.
    Her boobs are hugh at least D cup, buy her figure is great, skinny waist and body. After a while, she lie me down and started cat bath, then BJ, I turned her around and 69.
    I put in one figure as her pussy was dry and small 🙂, after a while she sit on me and did cow girl, then she turned around back facing me which I never tried. She tried to hold me up and did back style while I was half way lying, so good.
    I hold her up and knee down to fuck her from behind, she was moaning “iku iku”, definitely Japanese.
    At the end I lybher down and unloaded, she was enjoyed and holding me so tity.
    I took a shower and she offered me massage from head to toe, she must have leaned professional message as it was so good and I do not wanna move for second shoot. She was never rush until even I felt time already over. Dressed up and I tip her as she is the best one so far at 7. Very worthy to give her a try, she used app to chat with me saying she will leave in June.
    Face 8/10
    Service 10/10
    Money worthy oh yeah
    Will go back again, wanna see her every week.


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