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Name: Grace
Age: 24yo
Height: 158cm
Weight: 47kg
Waist Size: 7
Bust Size: D cup
Nationality: Singapore
Services: GFE,DT, BBBJ,COB, DATY, 69, Ball Sucking,*Rimming, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl*& Doggy

Comments: Gorgeous new Singapore girl with amazing service and a nice curvy body. Excellent attitude and willing to satisfy all your desires

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  1. Bunny
    Bunny says:

    Meet Meimei the other night she is from China and spoke little English… she didn’t need to as she knew exactly what I wanted.. we’ll needed anyway… lol… we had a really nice time and she showed a genuine interest in making me happy. It was really nice to meet someone who was pleased to be with me, sometimes the girls don’t want to spend time helping an older man like me achieve a result… if you know what I mean… lol…. it is just a pity she isn’t there more often… I keep an eye out for her on the roster… also profile is not on the main web site??? Only found it here by mistake

      • Bunny
        Bunny says:

        I think she is a little older than 24… lol… but when she is relaxed laying down she looks 18!!!… I would not worry about her age, I have been with her a few times and she has never disappointed… she won’t take no as an answer…. lol… sometimes I need to spend an hour to get satisfaction but she is well worth it.. she has almost a girlfriend attitude!!… if you speak mandarin she is even more fun… I always give an extra tip as she really goes that little bit extra to help me

      • Bunny
        Bunny says:

        Sorry PeeCee … I think you were asking how old I am?… 60… but she makes me feel much younger… lol… glad to see she is a regular now

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Person’s Name : MeiMei

    Establishment : 7 Cowper St

    Date of Visit : 07/08/18

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Hours of Business : 10am till late

    Rates : $65/30min (discount price, normal $90/30min)

    Age : late 20

    Size/shape : MILF

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : YES!

    Texted Linda to get the special $65 for half hour for the review. Reached the place around 2:30 pm but Linda wasn’t there. The man at the reception showed 2 girls as others were busy, picked up meimei

    We go to the room and I quickly get her kit off and we start with some light kissing whilst my hands explore. She asked to shower and we both get in, she cleans my piece with soap and we spend 2-3 minutes in there… I such on her nipples while she does the cleaning…

    Onto the bed and start with DFK and she respond well to it, she started with cat bath which was quite enjoyable and asks if I want a condom for BJ and I confirm lets go without. She goes to town and does a good job… slurping away, she seems into it with lots of eye contact and smiling. The BBBJ was good and I felt no teeth at all and I got fully hard very shortly.

    After a while I’m ready to fuck… So whilst I’m not overly long at 6″, I’m fairly thick and the pussy felt nice and tight.. she wanted to put the gel, which i said not to as it kinda ruins the fun. We go into a number of positions and at various times we stop whilst she sucks me again and eventually I blow into the dom.

    She cannot speak English at all, but we overcame the challenge by using the phone for conversation…We small talk for a short time and then its into the shower and out the door. She is very accomodating and will go to the length to make you happy and let’s you try to your hearts content.. She is a bit small in her overall built, but her attitude and willingness cover that up for me….A good punt and recommend for anyone…but I did probably try another girl next time as i did like to explore new one each time…

    Overall, really happy and another positive experience at 7 Cowper with a service oriented attitude. For those thinking about coming to this place treat the girls well, and you’ll likely have a good time.

    • ALex
      ALex says:

      Called up today and asked who was available to do another review and asked for the $65 price and the reception lady says she can best offer $75 for half hour. Told her that I did review last week for Meimei and now I am being today no longer the discount price is available.

      I got the message from the number put on the website that I can get $65 for review and the reception says I can’t.

      Hope the owner of this place reads this message and get the reception sorted out so as to not give wrong responses to regular punters like myself.



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