25 years old, from Thailand 168cm very popular sweet personality, she will treat you like a KING & very passionate slow kissing.

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  1. 7 Cowper was on my way home after a weekend in Sydney. I have used 7 Cowper before, in fact, this was the site of my very first punt late in 2012! I have always been satisfied there and only stopped going because I got myself a “regular” at another establishment. So under new management, I decided to try again.

    Previously they had mostly Chinese WLs, so they have widened their ethnicity, but this does not seem to be a good thing. I was shown 3 girls, only two of which took my eye. I chose Cherry, who in the dim light was very pretty and had a fantastic body. After I showered she came in we exchanged small talk as I dried myself off. When she asked where I was from, I answered and then repeated the question to her. When she said she was from Korea,my heart sank a little as I have never had a good punt with a K-Girl. However I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. I lay down and she grabbed my cock and immediately began to ask if I would get any bigger. I said that I was fully erect (I love to have a girl touch my cock – I mean, who doesn’t?) but this didn’t seem to satisfy her and she asked if I could please cum quickly. I had paid for the hour and wanted to take my time (I can usually manage to cum twice in a punt lasting from 1-2 hours, depending on the girl I am with), so I asked if she would mind asking another girl to take her place, which she was only too happy for this to happen. I asked the country of the other two girls and discovering that one was another K-Girl, I took my second choice who was Betty, from Thailand.

    Betty came in and asked what I wanted. I read 7 Cowper’s new thread today and discovered that she offers GFE and extras, but I did not know this at the time, so I just said “sex”…

    She then asked why Cherry left and I explained the situation, Betty grabbed my cock and agreed it was a “difficult” size but she was at least prepared to give it a red hot go. So she got naked and we proceeded to get to know each other.

    I do not know about other punters, but for me a GFE is not a GFE without DFK. Betty did not offer this, so her definition of GFE is very different from mine. In any case, in all other aspects she was attentive and pleasant. She got out a condom (one of the small pink bastards which is too small for me) and gave a perfunctory BJ while she put it on. The she slowly inserted and rode me quite professionally. The face she made was difficult to read but she seemed to be enjoying herself. We then moved into missionary where I sped up and came much to my delight. She hugged me tight and made appreciative sounds.

    After a quick clean up, I slowly moved down her body, licking and sucking her thick nipples along the way. As I made my way further south she wanked my cock and proceeded to wank faster when I started to DATY. I disengaged myself from her hand and positioned myself between her legs for a long session of DATY. This was where Betty excelled! She LOVED it. She was soon moving my hands to grip her ass and even encouraged me to put my thumb in her ass. She moved her groin up and down against my mouth and was literally flooded. I have fucked a few WLs in the mouth, but have never had the experience done to me until now. She was humping my face and grinding her pelvic bone into my lips and teeth (I was actually scared I might LOSE a few teeth :O)… I have to say at the end my tongue was cramped but it was worth it to have her enthusiastic “thank yous”.

    She wanked me gently and asked if I wanted to have sex again. As I knew she had found it painful previously I said it was her choice. Like a trooper she mounted me again and rode me soft, gently and hard. However, I knew that she was not enjoying it and actually finding the experience painful, so I told her to stop and asked if I could wank and cum on her ass (a bit of a fetish of mine). She agreed, however having the mamasan bang on the door put me off and I decided to let Betty go on to her next customer.

    So a mixed bag really. I found the sex good, but not the best I have ever had (sorry Betty). But the response to DATY was out of this world!

    Date: 18/5/14

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